Sigma Kappa

Letter from the Chapter

Letter from the Chapter

Welcome to Sigma Kappa, potential new members!

My name is Shelby Sheridan and I am the Alpha Tau Chapter of Sigma Kappa’s Vice President of Membership. I truly appreciate all of you signing up for recruitment and can’t wait to meet you this Fall. I hope that you are equally as excited as I am for this process. As corny as it sounds, I can’t wait for you to find your home away from home to make this school feel just a little bit smaller.
Joining Greek Life is quite honestly one of the best decisions I made at Michigan State, other than choosing to live in Brody Hall of course. It isn’t an easy decision to make but take my word for it, it’s 100% worth your while. Joining Sigma Kappa has brought me my forever friends. I am surrounded by a genuine, down to earth, supportive and powerful group of women that I could never have imagined meeting otherwise. From this experience, I have learned to trust the process and it hasn’t failed me yet. I encourage all of you to keep an open mind and you will find a fit where you are meant to be. I wish you the best throughout your recruitment process!
Sigma Kappa is thrilled to have you, see you in the Fall!
One heart, one way!


 Shelby Sheridan, Vice President of Membership  


Go Green & Go Greek

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