Sigma Kappa

Letter from our President

Letter from our President

91 years ago, Sigma Kappa officially became a recognized sorority on the campus of Michigan State University. And ever since, our chapter has been living by our values each day: Personal growth, loyalty, service, and friendship. Not only are our members apart of a lifelong sisterhood, the majority of them are also leaders outside of the greek community. Whether that be participating in student organizations relating to their fields of study, joining intramural sports teams, or working in or around campus, chances are you’ll run into a Sigma Kappa anywhere in the East Lansing area. As a Sigma Kappa, you will leave your college experience with fond memories, friendships that will last a lifetime, as well as leadership skills you can use in the workforce. Furthermore, you will join a network of sisters that makes us the largest Greek Women’s organization in the United States. 

We so look forward to meeting you during formal recruitment!

Loyally in Sigma Kappa, 


Allie Percy, Alpha Tau President


Go Green & Go Greek

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