Sigma Kappa

Chapter Philanthropy

Chapter Philanthropy

With community service as one of our core values, Sigma Kappa’s five philanthropies are something that every member is proud to say they volunteer for. Each girl completes roughly ten hours of community service a semester in various ways, whether it be volunteering at a nursing home, a food bank, or a book drive. 


Not only is it important to serve within the community, it is important to spread awareness and raise money to support these causes. As an Alpha Tau Chapter, hosting food fundraisers for people on campus to attend and cleaning up parks off campus are some examples of how we gain awareness for these philanthropies. The largest event the Alpha Tau chapter hosts is our Ultraviolet Event in the fall called Sigma Kappa Kickoff. As a chapter, we invite the IFC fraternities of Michigan State to compete against each other in field events such as tug of war and relay races. Every one participating loves doing it and it helps gain awareness for the Sigma Kappa Foundation. Last year we raised over $3,000 for this event and hope to raise as much this year. 


Sigma Kappa focuses heavily on Gerontology, where we set up nursing home visits and participate in the Alzheimers walk every year. This disease has impacted many members’ families and friends and as a chapter, we work towards finding a cure. This year we can successfully say we raised over $10,000 which was put directly towards the National Alzheimers association.    


2019 Walk to End Alzheimers



2018 Walk to End Alzheimers